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The Undead Scientist Ch. 2

2018.07.13 15:29 FCDetonados The Undead Scientist Ch. 2

THANK YOU, I was not expecting such a great response on the first chapter!
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3 Weeks ago.

‘How, how could this happen?’ I asked myself.
‘Jonny, the guy who kept giving me shit for choosing to study genetics because I gave him shit for choosing to do computer science, the guy who got drunk with only one beer yet somehow always kept his cool, the guy who ugly cryed with me while watching fucking *gainax shows.’*
‘Jonny, the guy who just died on my arms.’
“How, just how did this happen?” I kept asking myself.
I felt a hand on my shouder “Your name was Vicky, right?” asked the green-haired girl from before.
“I-it’s Victoria.” I said without looking up to her.
“My name is Aelia, i’m truly sorry for what happened to your lover, but we don’t have much time left either.”
“W-what do you mean?” I asked while I looked up at her,
She picked herself up, “There is a reason we summoned you all here.” she said addressing the other people inside the circle, “The Demon Kingdom of Phourovaria intents to destroy our kingdom,” she was walking around the circle now, “they will raze our cities to the ground, and our armies are not nearly strong enough to stand up to them.”
‘Demons? war? why am I here? how am I involved in all this?’
“You, on the other hand, will be able to stand up to them.” she said with a resolute look on her face, “check your status.”
“My what?” I asked myself, and was immediately answered.
NAME Victoria Grant
AGE 20
TITLES Gaia’s chosen, The one who will bring back the ancients.
“W-what is all this?” I asked myself in disbelief.
Aelia started speaking again, “Earth is a interesting world, even though it’s a world that completely lacks mana, it’s inhabitants have an unnatural ability to control it.”
“You will be able to do things that would take our most talented mages decades to do, in mere months.”
“I know you have no reason to help us, but please,” she said as she got down on her knees “i implore that you save our kingdom.” she said while giving a look of slight desparation.
“Okay, I will help you.” I said as I got up.
“You sure about this, lady?” asked one of the other men inside the circle.
“Of course, I made a promise didn’t i?” I said as I resolved myself
“I just have one request.” I said while looking at Aelia.
“Of course, what is it?” she asked as she got up and looked at me.
“Let me give my friend a proper burial.” I said while looking at Johns body.

Present day

“Let’s begin then.” I said as I sat up and opened the book.
The first page was already describing the first spell and why I needed to learn it.
'[Identify corpse] is the first spell any necromancer needs to learn as it lets you see what are the stats of the corpse you’re trying to raise, and it lets you prepare in case you fail to subdue it.'
‘What an idiot’ I thought while looking over at Wrezis body.
'In order to learn [Identify corpse] you must focus Dark Mana in your eyes while wishing to know the information of the corpse you’re looking at.'
“Fuck, I was afraid of this.” I said as I closed the book.
“The book assumes you are already familiar with magic and this “Dark Mana”, and it doesn’t explain what those even are.” I affirmed to myself.
“Looks like i’ll have figure that out by myself.” I said as I put the book back into the satchel.
I scanned sparse forest to see if this guy had a tent or something around here.
I was able to spot his tent behind a thick tree.
I crawled over to his tent, there was a sleeping bag, a desk and a lot food stockpiled inside.
"The hell, was this guy some sort of exile? What’s with the ditch full of corpses then? Moreover why did he have 3 days worth of food with him if he had stockpiled so much food here?" I questioned as I looked inside ‘More questions for the next guy who shows up’ I left the questions for a later date.
I sat down on the desk and started thinking.
‘I need to figure how to control mana if I want to have even a snowballs chance in hell of getting out of here… wait.’
I put my hand on my chest just to be sure, ‘My heart is not beating, I don’t need food or water in order to function, if what the menu said is right...’
“How the fuck are muscles even working then?”
I opened the book and searched for the page on raising the undead.
'[Raise Lesser Undead] this is the first spell you’ll learn that allows you to raise the dead into your servitude.'
'In order to raise the undead you must picture your dark mana entering the corpses body through the head, and force it to spread through the body from there, from this point the corpse should be getting up (or crawling if it’s legs are too damaged), you must then subdue the undead to your will or it will attack everything around it.'
“So that’s how it works.” I said at the realization.
‘Since i’m already unconsciously using dark mana to move my muscles, I just need to get the feel of it and I will be able to focus it somewhere else!’ I thought while getting my hopes up.
I closed the book, and sat down on the sleeping bag.
Then I closed my eyes, and started concentrating.

20 days ago

“I still can’t believe it...” I said while staring at the gravestone.
John Craven
A friend who was taken from us too soon
“He must have been a great person.” I heard from behind me.
It was Destin, one of the other people who had been summoned.
He had black hair, brown eyes, his height was at a tall 1.80m, and he looked like he spent 3 hours a day on the gym.
“I just keep expecting him to just jump out of nowhere and say “HAHA, FOOLED YA” while laughing like an asshole...” I said as I remembered last years April fools.
“You must have really liked him.” he said while trying to comfort me.
“Yeah, I did,” I said as I cleared the tears on my face and left a flower on his grave, “let’s go, it’s the time for Reijors class.” I said after looking the time on my phone.

Present day

I kept focusing my attention on my arm, concentrating on the feeling of moving it.
After around 3 hours I could tell there was something different, if I concentrated really hard on my arm I could feel it getting stronger, faster.
I picked up a rock that was right outside the tent.
I started concentrating, and threw the rock at a tree with all strength I had.
It flew a very fast, way faster than I had anticipated, when it hit the tree I heard a very loud CRACK as the stone hit the tree.
While I was staring at the tree in disbelief the menu decided to chime in to tell me what I just did.
[You have learned the Enhancement Magic: Body Strengthening.]
[Due to learning a Skill without external help your Inteligence raises by 5 points]
“Is that a skill? Show me the details.” I said while I was crawling in the diraction of to the tree.
Body Strengthening one of the basic skills of Enhancement Magic, it allows the user to turn mana into raw physical strength for a short period of time.
Skill Level 1
Effect +50% Strengh
Mana cost 5
Current duration 10 seconds
“If that’s a basic skill I shudder to think what an advanced skill is like.” I said while looking at the damage this “basic” skill has done.
The rock that I threw penetrated a whole 10cm into the bark.
‘I get that the rock I threw was a bit pointy but isn’t this to much? If I threw this at the zombies head at the right angle I could probably kill them instantly.’ I thought while another question popped up in my mind.
“Menu, how much mana do I have?”
[You have 275/280 mana.]
“Jesus! Why do I have so much mana?” I exclaimed in surprise since I was expecting at most a third of that.
[The amout of mana you have is equal to your (Level x 5 + Inteligence x 10) x Racial modifier]
‘Of course it’s simple formula...’
“Can you keep that mana overlay on my vision?” I asked since that looked useful.
The menu didn’t answer but the window didn’t disappear either.
“How fast do I recover mana then?” I asked, fully expecting it to be another simple formula.
[You are currently recovering 1 mana every 1 hour.]
“Well then, let’s try [Inspect corpse] first.” I said while looking at that ‘wrex’ guy.
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NAME John Craven
CLASS Lesser Undead (Zombie)
AGE 20
TITLES Gaia’s chosen, The one who can’t be controled.
SKILLS [Body Strengthening]
PASSIVES [Undead Endurance] [Pain Immunity]
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